Monday 22 July 2013

Re-using Law Firm Content Part 2: Blogs

Last week I wrote about re-using press releases to ensure you get your money's worth from each one. In this post I'm explaining how to do the same for blog posts.

So, once you've written a post that's not only valuable but interesting, and audience appropriate - what next? Well first of all, you need to promote it. So do the obvious and share it on Twitter, post a link to it on your LinkedIn profile and add it to your firm's and your individual Google+ page (assuming you use this for professional purposes).

After you're shared the content across a variety of platforms, think about how you can re-use it. The obvious starting point is your firm's newsletter.

Depending upon the size of your blog audience, you could think about re-writing the piece. If you decide to do this - consider whether you can make it more relevant to a particular set of clients. If you send out a variety of different newsletters, even more reason to focus the content for that particular group.

If you have just the one newsletter, and the content is relevant to a large proportion of its readership, turn it into a 'top tips' piece or similar.

Also consider whether the content might be of interest as a guest blog. Popular bloggers are often open to content from different writers to help lighten the load of writing fresh, insightful content, but also because they want to add value to their readership by posting new perspectives and handy information.

Think about the blogs that you read, and whether there might be room for some of your writing. If there is a cross-over between their content and likely audience, and your target audience, then get in touch.

Before you make your approach though, just mentally sense-check your proposal. Ensure that your pitch shows that you understand the blog you want to write for. Many bloggers write out of a passion for their subject and poorly thought-out, irrelevant pitches are not only ineffective, but may cause offence.

By Victoria Moffatt.

LexRex provides specialist PR and communications consultancy to law firms across the UK. Headed by ex-lawyer Victoria Moffatt, we understand both the law and the art of communications.

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