Thursday 24 September 2015

What is Legal PR? Part 3: Everything Else...

What is Legal PR?

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, I covered media relations and social media. This, the third instalment, describes some of the other supporting services we provide to clients on a day to day basis.

Awards: many lawyers recognise the value of being 'an award winning law firm', when it comes to attracting new clients. Others are cynical about their value, and some feel they are handed out 'willy-nilly' to mates and sponsors of the organising body.

Now it's certainly the case that not all awards are born equal. However, that's not in itself a reason to dismiss them in their entirety. The Law Society Excellence Awards for example are fairly judged, neutral and well respected. Others, are unfortunately less so. If you're interested in a case study on our awards service - here's one.

My advice when it comes to awards is: don't dismiss them out of hand, but take professional advice on the ones to enter and those to skip. Of course, it goes without saying that submissions must be well drafted and compliant with the T&C's of entry...

Copywriting: we also draft outstanding content - standalone commissions such as updates to clients' websites, ongoing and regular content for technical client blogs, as well as newsletters, white papers, reports and of course the media relations content described in part 1 of this series.

Events: everybody loves a good party, and we are certainly no exception to that rule! We provide consultancy and detailed party planning for our clients. Our past events have included conferences, birthday parties, launch events, breakfast seminars and hosted events for our clients' clients.

Directories: their mention typically prompts multiple eye-rolls across all departments, nevertheless the Legal 500 and Chambers directories continue to have a hold over the legal profession. For the haters out there - as well as for those who recognise the value in a ranking, but find it difficult to find the time or vocabulary to draft their submissions - we jump right in and do the hard word.

So that completes the series on Legal PR. I hope you found it interesting and if you learnt something new - let us know by leaving a comment!

By Victoria Moffatt

LexRex is a specialist consultancy providing strategic PR and marketing support to law firms and businesses that operate within the legal sector. Our services include media relations, social media support and training, award entries, legal directory submissions and copywriting.

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