Monday 4 March 2013

Legal Bloggers: Avoiding Writers Block

Ahhh, blogging. One of life's joys – right? But what do you do when writer's block strikes? Avoiding writer's block may sound like an impossible trick but there are things the frustrated writer can do to ease the pain.

First up, keep a list of potential blog topics. Not exactly rocket science this one but inspiration truly strikes at the strangest times. For us, it's often in meetings – embarrassing no? When it does, whip out your Iphone (other models do exist) and stick it on a list. Alternatively, go 'old skool' and scribble it down somewhere. Having a stack of titles or ideas is great when you're short of time or inspiration but want to write.

Create a plan – when you were at school and had to write essays in exams, weren't you always told to write an essay plan? Although your blog won't be marked, it's still sensible advice. A plan helps you to think through your content, and outline what you want to include and leave out. It should also help with flow. Here at LexRex we like plans.

Use the news agenda as a springboard. There is very rarely a lack of news, and none of us lives in a vacuum. So keep track of what's going on – and not just legal news – lifestyle and culture pages are also great for ideas, themes and trends.

Allow yourself to get distracted. Obsessing about your lack of ideas, content or ability to write sensibly will not help. So do the washing, dig out the iron or mop the floor. In other words – take a break. On a similar note, get a change of scenery. Physically stepping away from your desk can really help.

Try cheating... or in other words, build a collection of guest posts from your favourite bloggers. It is a real compliment to be asked to write as a guest, and common to swap content. So if you are struggling, ask for help and give yourself a rest – it's not cheating really!

So what did you think of our tips for avoiding writer's block? Did we miss any? Let us know – opinions always welcome.

By Victoria Moffatt

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